The Wedding: Installation For Two

I was invited to make an installation for the performance ‘The Wedding’ and made ‘Installation for two’ One half of the Installation is Iron and the other half is Copper.
The performance explored the space of ritual, and was staged July 26 and 27 in the historic Salt Lake City Masonic Temple. The Wedding showcased the talents of Joffrey Ballet’s Yumelia Garcia, Ballet West’s Katherine Lawrence, Ted Johnson, NY based dancer most recently seen in “Sleep No More” and Ririe-Woodbury’s Joseph Blake, with Danish Installation artist, Sophie Dupont contributing as well as composers Alex Ollo from Australia and Jens Horsving from Denmark, along with local artists Gary Vlasic, Jesse Walker, David Newkirk, Mark Hofeling, Garrick Peters and many more. The performance was a collaborative and context-driven work where the artists and site itself generated many of the fundamental ideas for the project. All together the various elements combined to create a highly charged, intellectually and emotionally transformative experience.