Hocus Pocus. 2022

Marking Breath. Københavns Åbne Gymnasium.

Marking Breath. Illum 130 Yrs.

Untitled In Thirteenth Parts ( Self-Burial).

Marking Breath Næstved Gymnasium

Marking Breath/ Homo Bulla. November 11. 2020.

Marking Breath. Rønnebæksholm Art Museum. 3 October 2020.

Marking Breath. Kunsten Museum of Modern Art Aalborg.

Space Mingling with Space 2020

Marking Breath. 8 May. 2020. Sunrise 5.11- sunset 21.03. THEKRANE

Marking Breath 26-3-2020

Blind Balance. Salon Acme. Mexico 2020.

Body Full of Breath. Mexico City. 2020.

Blind Balance. Børsen. 30-11-2019.

Marking Breath. NYC. 8 Nov 2019. Sunrise 6.31-sunset 16.44.

Marking Breath. NY. 19 October 2019. Sunrise-sunset

Imprint of Sleep

Balancing Hearts

Heavy Light. VEGA/ARTS. August 2019.

Connecting Hearts. Berlin June 2019

Blind Balance. 12 May. Women's Museum

Marking Breath with Excavator. 12 April 2019.

Marking Breath. Costa Rica. San José. 23.2.2019. Sunrise to Sunset

Extended Connection. Costa Rica. 2019

Marking Breath exhaling Lovesongs. Gl. Hellerup Gymnasium. 2019.

Serious Potential for Changing the Rules of the Game. Cameroon 2018.

Extended Connection. 2018. Akak. Cameroon.

Ocean Sound

Hanging Heads. Cartagena July 2018.

Construction. Cartagena. 18.07.2018

Marking Breath. Casa Wabi. 2018. Mexico.

We Always Carry Our Body. Mexico City. 2018. Video

We Always Carry Our Body. Mexico City. 2018

Marking Breath, Exhaling Lovesongs. UANL. Mexico

Marking Breath. 18, 19 & 21 January sunrise - sunset

Two & Reaching. Aros 2017. Cool, Calm & Collected.

Marking Breath. Svalbard. 16 Sep2017. Sunrise 5.45am-Sunset 7.54pm

Marking Breath. Overgaden. 21-10-2017

This Will Also Change. Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art.

Hanging Heads. Paris. 20 June. 2017.

Reaching. Guatemala City. February 2017.

Marking Breath. Guatemala City.25.2.2017. Sunrise 6.26-Sunset 6.07

We Always Carry Our Body. 2016. The National Gallery of Denmark

Gravity. 2016. Horsens Artmuseum.

We Always Carry Our Body. 12 October 2016. Petra Gut Contem. Zürich

Heavy Light. Horsens Artmuseum. 24 September 2016.

We Always Carry Our Body. 26 August. CODE Art Fair.

Watching The Night. 20-21 August 2016. Horsens Art Museum

Marking Breath. Bornholm.18 June 2016.

Two. 2016.

Drawing/Erasing. SOMA, Mexico City. 17 May 2016.

Breathing Seismograph 2016

Marking Breath. 25 November 2015. Rio de Jeneiro. Brazil.

Midtfyns Amstgymnasium Performance Marking Breath. 2 October 2015.

Heavy Light 28.08.2015. Overgaden. TRUST.

Watching The Night 12.- 13. juli 2015. Munkeruphus.

Marking Breath, AGALAUS, Voss, Norway. 29 May 2015.

Marking Breath, NEW STUDIO, London. Saturday 18 April 2015.

Marking Breath. Miami. 24 February. 2015.

Obstructed Movement (Performance in Seven Parts). Miami 2015

Obstructed Movement (Performance in Seven Parts). San Salvador 2015

Marking Breath. San Salvador. 11.02.2015 Sunrise - Sunset

Marking Breath. Silver. Dunkers. Helsingborg. Sweden. 25 October 2014.


Marking Breath. Gold 18 Carat.1 mm. CHART'14. 29 - 30 August.

Marking Breath. Silver. 17th of July 2014. Sunrise 4.49 am - Sunset 9.41 pm.

Marking Breath. Copper. ApArt. Copenhagen. Denmark. 13 June 2014.

Marking Breath. Gallery Factory. Seoul. 23 May. 2014

Heaven to Earth. 2014

Marking Breath New York 7-9 March 2014

Marking Breath Puerto Plata 24-2-2014

A Slow Walk, Body And Room Encountering In Mirrors. 2014

My Weight In Salt Transformed Into Cut Piece.C.A.C Nikolaj '13.

Marking Breath.21 November 2013.Contem. Art Center Nikolaj.

My Weight In Salt Transformed Into Cut Piece. Den Frie 2013.

Marking Breath. 11 October 2013. New Shelter Plan. Cph. DK

Seven Imprints Of Breath Placed In A Spiral. 2013

Marking Breath. 7 August 2013. Mexico City.

The Wedding: Installation For Two

My Weight In Matter Materialized In The Wheel Of Life 2013

Marking Breath. Zink Plate. 20 April 2013. New York City

Abstract Performance, Balancing Act (945 Breaths) 2012

The Only Way Is Up!

Marking Breath. 17 Nov 2012. Copenhagen.

Abstract Performance, Cutting Paper 2012

Abstract Performance, Balanced Walk 2012

Marking Breath. 2011.Performance at Fifth Floor.Cph. Denmark

Body And Room Encountering In Mirrors

Pushing The Air New York - Istanbul

Pushing The Air Copenhagen

Ipsum Ipsum Ipsum

Hypnerotomachia Poliphili 2011

Warehouse 9

Time Left Living

P.3 Ny Carlsbergvej

P.2 Strandlodsvej

P.1 Jægersborggade

120 Minutes


One Breath per Hole 2010