27.10 – 30.11.20023

EARTH BREATH is an existentialist exhibition that frames research of how contact with the earth and connecting to the earth element has life-giving, healing and redemptive effect. All life is circular with the earth as the ground. All the works are created mainly from soil from the nearby area and are sustainable materials.

I carry my own weight in the ground. The earth is distributed like bundles breasts appendages around my body. The audience is asked to release my weight by cutting up the bundles so that the earth sprinkles out. We live on Earth – we bear our weight; challenged in joy in pain in sorrow in pleasure in anger in all the emotional states we hold that mix mixed together transformed and sublimated into new awarenesses of what we ourselves are in the experience of what we are as life. We balance on the ground, give weight and take weight from and on each other. To carry oneself ~ how do we manage? Each one of us ~ being mind body spirit in past present future. For me since I was very young this was always a constant work to breathe to be inside and outside. I got paralysed at an age of 14 years old loosing the movement of my legs was a process beginning with loosing my free breathing and thinking ~ having this struggle to be a body since I was a little girl is something that reflects in my work today. I keep asking questions and researching ways to connect with my past as a deep knowledge from painful experience that I transform and sublimate into works.

Photos by Jeppe Michael Jensen