Sophie Dupont Statement 2023.

To create art is to make an expression of the self, which reaches far beyond oneself – it goes beyond a single body, it goes beyond a specific time.
Art has the ability to change the dominant perceptions of the world. It has the power to create new spaces, in which we can free ourselves from the already given constructed ideas of reality.

The most important ability as an artist is the ability to step away from this constructed reality, in order to detect and recognize the invisible forces that establishes it.

In a work of art an individual try to attain something of utmost importance for oneself and to communicate this to the surrounding world. Choosing art is an important task, as it can bring new definitions, realizations and possibilities to mind.

Art originates from the complete human; the ego, the self, the conscious and the subconscious, the spiritual, linguistics, the inarticulable, from history, sensuality, the emotional, the physical and the mental, to ideologies and culture.

To me, art is a constant investigation of the concept of being human. It can be compared to the work of an anthropologist as I also relate to the basic as well as more abstract concepts – to the definitions of humanity, gender, body, breathing, intellect, thoughts, politics, philosophy and religion. It is important to fulfill all of one’s potential. It is here a great advantage to be open-minded and willing to take psychological risks. It is important that the creation of art comes from an inner necessity, despite it might be “wrong” or embarrassing in your specific lifetime and culture. It requires a great deal of patience, and that you don’t judge your creative process and artwork, but that the work is driven forward by passion, freedom, and desire.

My practice is an existentialistic and poetic artistic research in to human being, my own body and mind

are my primary tool. Accordingly, my performative ritualistic and tightly choreographed works are

deeply rooted in my educational background within dance and visual art. My multisensory embodied

connectedness to the world challenges gender, ethnicity, eroticism, and spirituality. My performative

artistic research always has an Ecocentric starting point and become holistic explorations of the

connections between subjects and world. In general my work expresses my wish to create a space inside the art where we together can explore and fall into new ways of being together and experience ourselves and our connectedness to the living world.

Sophie Dupont is educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Arts in 2007, and has studied Contemporary Dance at London Contemporary Dance School (The Place). Sophie Dupont primarily works within the performance genre.