Seven Imprints Of Breath Placed In A Spiral. 2013

My work is based around research of body, mind and spirit. Often based around my own breathing, weight and the pure existence of life. Like a manifestation of lived life I leave traces as a kind of souvenir.
‘7 Imprints Of Breath Placed In A Spiral’ is a performance about the most important element of life –  Breathing. Everything is centered around this act- it is The constant metamorphosis between life and death. Sometimes we notice it, sometimes not. But it is there until we no longer walk on this planet.
Duration: 25 minuttes. Venue: EXTRA: Festival International De Performance. Mexico City. ONE NIGHT ONLY. Gl. Strands Kunstforening. Copenhagen. Denmark.The Wand. Berlin. Germany.
Documentation from Gl.Strand Photos by Hans H Bærholm.