Book: WORKS 2010 – 2017

Sophie Dupont
WORKS 2010-2017
For almost a decade, Sophie Dupont has explored the basic conditions of man. With a background in visual art from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and dance from the London Contemporary Dance School, she puts her body in the center of organized and choreographed performances. Using her body as a medium, material, and tool, she works with an exchange between objects, body, and space, which often focus on the balance between concepts such as materiality/immateriality, physicality/spirituality, body/soul, and the abstract and concrete. Since Dupont did her first performance at a gallery in Copenhagen in 2010, she has worked uncompromisingly and determined to create a distinct and profound practice. WORKS 2010-2017 brings together Dupont’s artistic practice over a seven-year period, and bursting with images, the book invites the reader to explore the Danish performance artist’s intriguing universe, where she works with mental and physical endurance. The book is opened with an introduction by curator and owner of Roulette Russe Marie
Sophie Dupont
WORKS 2010-2017Nipper, and features texts by art and literature critic Mai Misfeldt, art historian and curator Anaïs Lepage, Ph.D. fellow Michelle Oing, art critic and curator Mouna Mekouar as well as the author and poet Franck André Jamme. Furthermore, the book shows Dupont’s abstract paintings, which she has painted in parallel with her performative practice. The book is in English, and has a total of 112 pages.
The publication WORKS 2010-2017 has been supported by the L. F. Foght Foundation and was released by Roulette Russe 12th October 2017.
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WORKS 2010-2017
Sophie Dupont
Richly illustrated
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Text in English
112 pages
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