Obstructed Movement (Performance in Seven Parts). San Salvador 2015

I obstructs the body in different ways: Locks and fixes the body in certain positions, hereby the movement is restricted. I perform a choreography that will be obstructed by  the fixed objects. During the performance I take off these objects and place them like shells on the ground measured as accurately as possible as my own physical body. For each part I remove, I will repeat the choreography. When all the parts are laid on the ground, they will form a shape of a person – a human form without content, and I will stand next to with my full freedom of movement again. In conclusion, I carry out the choreography for the last time with full freedom of movement. The work is a reflection on movement form that can so easily be reduced, but the work can also be seen as an abstract reflection of what restricts our freedom of movement as people – physically as well as mentally.

Duration: 20 minuttes. Venue: Performance Festival; Forma y Sustancia in San Salvador 2015