My Weight In Matter Materialized In The Wheel Of Life 2013

In this performance I transfer my own body weight into different kind of materials that I wear. In other words I carry my own weight. Most of the materials have some kind of healing, shamanistic, or historical use in rituals from all over the world over time like cobber, sand, stones, gold e.t.c. – Some are heavy, some light, some soft, some hard, solid and so on. I then arrange the different materials into a kind of pattern image improvised by intuition according to the materials themselves and to body and space.
The Wheel Of Life is a term that is used in different cultures through time and is a reflection of life and death, spirit and matter and how to deal with the major issues in life.

Venue: Pop Up Exhibition: Imprint 3-5 May 2013. Curated by Ane Bülow hosted by Gallerie Kant. Location: Møntergade 3, Copenhagen DK. Duration: 30 minutes. Photos by Hans H Bærholm.