Hocus Pocus. 2022

The body being human being divided into elements which are decoupled through artifacts, song, poetry and movement.

Video & photos by Rine Rodin

Hocus Pocus

Falling asleep

Falling asleep

Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

Merging into the elements

Water Air Fire Earth



Colors of dreams

Sleep of colors

Letting go go go go

Falling falling falling falling

My breath

merging and drifting

my dream has no place and no time

my dream has no place and no time  

Upside down disappears

Contours are sliding into each other

Grasping how all is connected

flowing consciousness – flowing consciousness

No beginning no ending

No boundaries

I’m dreaming my performance

I’m sleeping dreaming I’m doing a performance

Gold, copper, copper, black, gold, gold, pink, copper, red orange gold, yellow, gold, blue, copper, copper, white

My breath is colors

My body is breath, weight and balance

They look at me: thinking, feeling human beings

We look at each other

I look at myself

I have a face

I take my face away

I place my face in the air

I take away my arms and hands

I place my two arms and hands in the air

Flowing is now my head, arms and hands.

A heart! I take out my heart

I let my heart float away

My heart and the head are now flowing together with my arms and hands

a stomach -to digest

digesting digesting digesting

I take away my stomach

I am shining in my dream

In my dream Im not myself

I am me but someone else

Someone else being me

In my dream

Dreaming I am being myself

 you are Human bubbles

Homo Bulla

Bodies full of air and water

Bodies of breath and water

What is human?
Homo bulla
Living energy
Living bobbles
merging separate and inside from nature

Exo mind

Exo breath

Breath lungs breath lungs

Lungs like balloons

I take out my lungs

We breathe together

Breathe with me – lets breathe together

Inhalation exhalation

Inhalation pause exhalation pause Inhalation pause exhalation pause

Three phases to the breath Three phases to the breath

Inhalation pause exhalation pause

We breathe together

We are connected in the breath

Legs and feet

Moving towards moving away twisting turning dancing standing

Still still still

Being human beings

My face heart arms hands lungs stomach legs and feet

Are floating in the air

I am becoming a body human being

Breast I place my breasts flowing

In my dream I am both a man and a woman

A body of being human being

I am made of mud

I can return to dust

You are made of mud

You can return to dust

We are made of mud

We will return to dust

Hocus Pocus

I wake up

Hocus Pucus

My body is flowting

Hocus Pocus

Hoc est corpus meum

This is my body

Where is my dream?

Will I remember this dream?

I dream in my dream

I want to remember this dream

You me this

This me you

Me you

I hear sounds

I wake up from my dream

To be born again and again

To be born

Hocus Pocus

Hoc est corpus meum

This is my body