Marking Breath. Costa Rica. San José. 23.2.2019. Sunrise to Sunset

Copper. Sunrise 6 am – sunset 6 pm. Part of the festival Forma y Sustancia. Parque Central de San José.

Marking Breath. The Mind. San José. Costa Rica. Parque Central. 23 – 2 – 2019. Sunrise – Sunset 6am-6pm.

Walking into Parque Central

Breathing into Parque Central

A conference of birds

The pigeons occupy the place

Making constant conversations

I find my place, ready for sun rise

Focus on my breathing

Breathing pigeon’s conversations

Breathing windy pigeon conversations

My calm Inhalations and exhalations

I am present breathing windy pigeon conversations

He joins me

She joins me

We mark our windy pigeon conversation

Breathing together in the sun rice

The pigeons share the plaza with people

Homeless from Nicaragua

we are looking into each other’s eyes

We are breathing together

I mark our breathing into a copper spiral

He is sitting opposite me

I am looking into his eyes universe

We breathe together

A man sits down

He is fully present in his silence

His eyes talk about love, anxiety, fear, joy, hate, difficulties.

One of my pencils rolls to the ground. We both try to catch it. We smile. It falls.

Our breathing is interrupted by church bells

Mixing the soundwaves with the sound of the pigeons

The pigeon-farther arrives and sit down inside the little corner

The kids get scared when the pigeons surround them.

Time passes, life passes, people passes, breath passes.

I exhale, letting go

I mark my breath like never before

No control of the marking into the copper

Unconscious Copper Connections

I let go; breathing to gather

We mark together

Coffee, Red hair shines in the sun

I am alone again

A homeless person arrives

He is there to watch.

I breathe a prayer for him and smile

The man walks away

I am present in my Saturday pigeon and people breathing in Parque Central

I have to move the table into the shadow

The sun is strong

I breathe noise and life

A women asks me if I believe in people from other planets. She thinks I’m one them. I smile

I mark my breathing smiling.

A lot of children join, their eyes shines in vast space.

Church bells ring loud and bright

I’m alone and mark my breath while looking in to my chaos in the marking.

A spiral that grows into a shine; Pure energy

I focus on my breathing

Full of energy

We breathe together; the woman and I.

Her two girls watch us.

I’m tired. The light is bright. The wind is strong

I move the table back to the place where I began this morning

She argues with her boyfriend and decides to join me.

She is beautiful – I disappear in moments

We are both crying.

A crowd of people has gathered around us

Nothing happens, everything happens: we are present looking into each other’s eyes.

She starts laughing. I also laugh. We say eyes goodbye

Immediately another girl sits down in front of me

The crowd is growing

I my face is tired but my consciousness is awake

I breathe and mark

A local elderly man sits down.

He marks his breath intensively and open doors to another universe

His Eyes are like stars, the church bells are ringing.

The sun has set.