El Sur. Tlalpan.

Inside inside 

outside outside 

We are together

We care

In time in space

We breathe 

We plant

We cry drops

We drop

We drop down 

Into drop water

Tears of flow

Flow of water

Flow of air

Of freedom to come

We plant the soil 

With love and joy

Hate despair 

It all comes together



 In what we call life

Inside inside

Outside outside 

How do we plant

What we call love?

I am a flower 

I am a tree

I am the darkest

Polluted air

I say I am human

Do u trust me?

Do you trust my fragility?

I care for you

Could u love me 

If I love you? 

For this time now 

I ask of you

To join me horizontal 

Come resting with me

We do what we do

When we do nothing 

Fragile and vulnarable

It is my favourite thing to do.