Marking Breath. 8 May. 2020. Sunrise 5.11- sunset 21.03. THEKRANE

On each exhalation during the almost 16 hours long séance, Dupont will scratch a line in a copper plate that in the end will form an artwork in the shape of an abstract score. During the last hour of the performance composer and saxophonist Lotte Anker will interpret and express the score in sound. The basic rhythm of life translated to music.

Breathing is the first movement we make in life and the last when we are to leave it. Throughout our time in between it is the act that unites our inner and outer space. The inhalation takes in our surroundings. The exhalation exposes our inside. It is this movement (the breath) that keeps us alive, but it is also what keeps us apart in this historic moment of the Corona-virus.

By forwarding all attention towards the simple act of breathing a mental space opens up that allows for spiritual reflection. In a time when we are all ’holding our breath’ awaiting good news it is our motivation to ‘gather’ in this joint gesture and create a unique and positive moment for everyone in a celebration of art and life.

Through live streaming we invite you all to join in at your convenience during the day and mark your breath with Sophie Dupont, with us, with each other – but physically apart.

Text by Caroline Bøge.

Photos by Caroline Bøge.

Marking Breath The Mind

Time is 5.11 Friday the 8th of May 2020

Im in the location THEKRANE in Nordhavn

high elevated above the earth with the setting of the sun and the Copenhagen north harbor as a backdrop

Sky and sea


I place a mark in the copper

The performance is livestreamed online

Watching the sea and the sky the sun rises

Some boats

Another exhalation

I hear the seagulls

Its calming

The sun sets 16 hours from now

I tap into foreverness

Calming my mind

Another exhalation

I visualise my mind lives in an enormous house

Mostly there is very high up to the ceiling

Lots of space

Mental space

I mark signs that can be read as a score

Another exhalation

I look to the other side of the bay

Anne my friend is standing waving to me

Two other friends also

We swim together every morning

I see two swans

One follows the other

To follow someone or to be followed

My mind starts to wonder which one is better than the other

Another exhalation

Boats starts to come out – preparing for a day at sea

I wonder where they all go

I watch until they disappear into the horizon

I imagine being on the boat

Always follow the wind

I think of the Navahos

They believe in the wind spirit


All in nature is formed by wind

I hear the wind outside

Watching the invisible

Time passes boats passes

I do nothing but marking my breath into the copper


My mind is calm



I think of the swans


Always two sides




Who are you in all this ‘being human’?



Back to marking

I stretch out my arms -reaching left and right

I mark

People come

Sharing breaths


They will open up the country soon

So many disasters and also so many good things have happened

People have been killed from the virus

People have lost their jobs



Less stress

Less pollution

Valuing life more in the small things


A new gratefulness of the smaller everyday life aspects


More space and time

I look over the sea lots of boats

They start returning

People are still coming and sharing their breaths with me.

When we are two the energy rises


Precious moments

Sometimes vulnerable moments

Looking into each other’s eyes

Sometimes feels naked

The soul

The spirit

The I

The human



The sun has travelled over the sky

Starts to change colour.

Lotte is getting ready to play her saxofone

Her play will be improvised inspired by my markings

Playing the day

The sun colours the sky

The atmosphere is changing

She begins

I relax into the tunes


Into the sunset