Marking Breath. NYC. 8 Nov 2019. Sunrise 6.31-sunset 16.44.

Marking Breath is a work that needs to be understood as the fruit of long years of Buddhist practice, meditation, and yoga. Throughout her life, Sophie Dupont has sought to assimilate and internalize a way of thinking that engages all levels of her being. It is a personal approach, an intimate experience that she shares with us today in her humble and profound work. With this work, she invites the visitor to make an inner journey. A plunge into the secret mysteries of being. For Sophie Dupont, it is not a matter of translating a form of the great beyond. Nor is it a matter of simply producing a message or work from dogmatic speech. She rather seeks to perceive the music of the world. It is, therefore, from the angle of the intimate confidence and the sharing that this work should be understood. For the simple reason that the ensemble constituting Marking Breath crosses, at different points of reference, the existential, the temporal, and the geographical.Sophie Dupont’s approach encourages us to consider life in the light of our breath, for only this awareness – of our body and mind – gives, according to the artist, meaning to our existence. The breath that we all share is natural and unconscious and gives rhythm to life. Respiration inhabits the human body; it sets it in motion. It is an infinite to- and-from movement. It is also a link between interiority and exteriority. With each inhalation, man absorbs his external environment. With each expiration, man releases his inner environment to the exterior. Outside becomes inside and vice versa. Respiration links man to his environment, but it also links the body to the mind. Body respiration. Psychic breathing. The unity of body and mind becomes, by breathing, a tangible reality. An indivisible whole. A consciousness where everything is present. Extract from text by Mouna Mekouar

Photos by Ella Weber

The Mind Marking Breath

Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge;

Windy Sunrise

The sunbeams shimmers on the surface of the water

I inhale Silver lines,

I exhale silver lines

I breathe the bridge

Marking my breath; Breathing

Copper Connections


I am walking

Runners’ trains

Walking marking breath


Blue sky

Fresh wind

Silver lines – Silver lines

Water scapes between Brooklyn and Manhattan

Morning Rush Hour – people, people, people

I breathe

City Hall, Wall Street……

Hierarchies, hierarchies

Money street, power street

Walking Wall Street

Can we delete?

Breathing, marking breath

In the boat on the surface of the water

Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk transformed to Hudson River,

The Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island

Is Freedom this impressive, neoclassical, colossal sculpture?

Is Freedom a woman made by a man and a gift from France to the United States?

Copper Connections, Power Connections

Copper Connections, Power Connections

Silver Lines

Silver Lines

Blue skies, few clouds, Fresh wind

People everywhere, rats, cockroaches

Travelers, travelers, travelers: Exploring

meetings’, conversations

Inhalations exhalations

I breathe focusing as best I can at my act

Watching concrete, spaces, streets

China Town

The smell of Chinese food

Delicious, interesting

I mark, I breathe

Trying not to bump into someone

Canal Street

Dark Orange

The subway

The sounds of trains

The smell of underground

More or less

Breathing, observing and feeling the atmosphere

Union Square, November walk, November dance

Dance Space – dance classes

Trisha Brown, Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Poul Taylor,

I am breathing my smile

I am present in my smile

Always changing

Always moving

Grand Central

A fix point,

A transition

Peoples stressful energy, rushing to trains,

Being late, being late…..

Always being late

Time time time

Presence: On time

I am always a little behind

I am present in my smile,

Human nature

Modern human beings

Darkness and crowdedness in the subway: Rush hour


Up to the park

Up to nature

A pedestrian crossing

The big boulevards

Nature and buildings are reflected in the copper

Copper connections

Copper connections

Trees, concrete, brick’s and flowers

The afternoon sun

I walk down the avenue facing Empire State Building

The sun

It’s setting

Watching the full Manhattan

The colors rapidly change

Yellow, orange, purple

An ocean of fire

Of energy

The sun set behind the big apple