At Vernacular Institute

Dupont’s performance I BREATHE YOU DO YOU BREATHE ME examines respiration, presence, and its situated cultural context. Breathing occurs in the present and bridges the gap between past and future, connecting people with space and place.

I BREATHE YOU DO YOU BREATHE ME is a participatory performance that engages multiple audiences in different locations. Dupont invites guests to turn their attention to breathing by asking them to focus on their breath, thus creating a direct link between participants

Performing I BREATHE YOU DO YOU BREATHE ME? At Vernacular Institute was an extraordinary chance to perform the same piece two times in two different spaces and two different times of the day. Thursday it was in the evening inside the gallery space with dimmed light and outside the rain pouring down. The feeling of being safe and secure inside with fellow human beings connecting into breathing in both stillness and movement. Allowing us to be fragile and vulnerable with the people we know and the people we don’t know. Constantly the sound of breath was displayed in the speakers giving this constantly pulsating rhythm of life – constantly intermingling the inside and outside space. The breathing of the person who held the microphones was sometimes calm, balanced and sometimes stressed expressing inner tension. Different atmospheres we all know so well being human beings shared in breath and hereby a way to cross the distance of language.

 On Saturday we performed outside under the sky with the backdrop of beautiful plants, flowers and trees. Falling into the foreverness of pure being with oneself, the other and being part of nature. Connectedness into everything existing in this world. We all float in air and air floats inside us.

Thursday November 17th 8-10pm

Saturday November 19th 12 – 4pm

Performers: Sophie Dupont, Juan Francisco Maldonado and Deny Ramos

Photos Aimée Suárez Netzahualcóyotl