Untitled In Thirteenth Parts ( Self-Burial).

UNTITLED IN THERTEENTH PARTS (SELF-BURIAL) Part of Walking Landscapes Mon. 23 July 2021 at 7-19

For each of the 13 impacts, Sophie Dupont moves further into the earth as a walk towards the center of the earth, thereby gradually disappearing from the earth’s surface. By the last one, she will completely be disappeared.

The work is a tribute to two artists; Ana Mendieta, who in her ‘earthworks’ felt that by uniting her body with the earth she could become whole again and rediscover a ubiquitous female force. This quest to reach the core of life and rediscover itself and its primordial power is for Sophie Dupont also a constant search. The other artist is Keith Arnatt. He has made an identical work in nine parts, which he calls Self-Burial. This disappearance – death – stands as the framework of our lives. In a previous work, Watching The Night, Dupont dug her own grave and lay down in it at night. The work is a reflection on life framed by death. A confrontation with the only thing we know happens in the future, but which we do not know when and how will occur, or what happens after death. An attempt to come to terms with the uncontrollable through a ritual action experience with body and mind.