Heavy Light. Horsens Artmuseum. 24 September 2016.

Heavy Light

With the performance ‘Heavy Light’ Sophie Dupont works with her own weight divided into three:

1: her own physical presence.
2: A concrete block with the same weight as herself.
3: an iron cross and a number of plots that together have the same weight as herself.

She wears an iron cross that is connected with a rope to the concrete block. The audience plays an active role in the performance, as they are encouraged to hang weights on the iron cross. Sophie Dupont is lowered to the ground, as her weight increases – when the body hits the ground and it makes an impression on a canvas on the floor.

Heavy Light – the importance of weight

Sophie Dupont’s practice is based on reflections on the fundamental existential thoughts on how to navigate and be individual in today’s society. Her works are often open and grounded in the more metaphysical universe where topics such as meditation, mind – and body control are in focus. Symbolically and visualize these weights represent, the invisible burdens we submit ourselves and each other in everyday life.

Text by Julie Horne Møller. Photos by Horsens Artmuseum