Construction. Cartagena. 18.07.2018

Multi-media installation, iron, steel, glass, pigment print, handwritten letters, sound
Venue: Palacio Molina
With a background in both visual art and dance artist Sophie Dupont puts her body in the
centre of her predominantly performative practice. Using her body as a medium, material,
and tool, she choreographs exchanges between objects, body, and space. Disregarding
whatever media she uses, the core of Dupont’s practice is an existential and poetic
reflection on basic human preconditions and how these are can be extracted and
transformed into simple rituals and repetitions of actions. By immersing herself into
exercises of breathing, balancing, reaching or enduring Dupont explores the most
simplistic balances between existential dualistic concepts such as body/mind,
physicality/immateriality, and abstract/concrete.
For TALE OF AN OCEAN Dupont is presenting a series of both new and existing works in
the form of sculpture, installation and performance. The newly conceived work
Construction is a site-specific performance installation made of a large steel triangle where
seven glass jars shaped as human heads are attached. Each glass head contains a hand
written letter, by a person from Cartagena. The artists has asked random persons in the
streets of Cartagena, to write a letter formulated as if it was a message in a bottle for a
future reader. The letters are read aloud and transformed into an audio soundtrack
accompanying the installation. Soundtrack by Philippe Cohen Solal.

The work is kindly supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Curator & text: Aukje Lepoutre Ravn. Photos: Tove Storch